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School of Data Science and Business Intelligence provides a leading edge practical learning program. Our BSc in Data science and Business Analytics is structured around classes such as statistical methods, computational methods, data analytics, machine learning, database management to help you build your career in Advanced Analytics. Through this program graduates will receive exposure to latest tools and analytical methods to work with, derive insights from, deal with complex and unstructured data, and solve real-world problems.

Over the 3 years students learn, hone and apply their analytical and coding skills, collaborate in on a fast paced atmosphere and learn from mentors coming from industry and academia. The program is currently offered at Patker- Varde College, Mumbai.


  • First and only bachelor's program in data science and business analytics, recognised by Mumbai University

  • 3 year full time program for grade 12 applicants

  • Capstone and 15+ case studies

  • Mandatory internships and placement assistance

  • Mentorship of top data talent

  • The program has been designed by eminent industry experts to bring education in sync with workplace realities.
  • This semester initiates the students to programming fundamentals as well as computer system architecture. It also awakens them the latest trends and technologies and how to keep up with them. These courses aim at easing the student in the curriculum by giving a mix of theoretical, technical course but also hands on experience.

  • The student continue to acquire hard knowledge in programming and IT structure. At the end of the first year they will have already acquire principles of coding, understanding of computers and IT infrastructures and have up to date knowledge in the field of IT.

  • The student start their journey in the field of pure data science. They giving the fundamental definition of data and how to retrieve it and manage it. They are also starting to explore the use of data science in actual industry field.

  • The fourth semester will complete the students' formation in technology. The aim of these courses is to equip the student with the required amount of technical knowledge and skill to be employable by all business. This ends the second year which took an early turn in data science then a more aggressive in approach in technologies.

  • The student start the third and last year with a bang! Immediately they will be immersed into hard Data Science knowledge. This fifth semester teaches the core aspect of data science in a wide array of aspects. We wanted this semester like all others to have have some hands on work in order to avoid a too theoretical approach.

  • This six semesters gives the students more technological knowledge in the Python but more importantly data management visa NoSql database and the much important skill of data visualisation. Across these three years, the student will have a strong technological background both theoretical and applied as well as in depth knowledge of data, data management, data retrieval and data visualisation.

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