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M.Sc. in Data Science

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Class room learning
Practical training
Application of knowledge & skills
Projects & internships


M.Sc. in Data Science programme is one of the top such programme in India. This course is a natural follow after the B.Sc. in Data Science where the students acquired basic skills and knowledge. The master will give them expert knowledge in Data Science and technology. This course will enable the student to start a career in high position in big MNC as well as unicorn start up and vital civil service.


Industry Faculty
Real-Life projects
100% placement assistance
Choose elective in business, in informatics and analytics
Case studies
International internship opportunities
Student exchange program
International curriculum
Develop job-necessary software skills
Learn using the latest software and material
Learn Python, Big Data, DBMS, HADOOP, and many more


  • Students with keen interests in computer science, data science, programming, database management, IT

  • Has a bachelor degree in Data Science, Computer Science, IT or any equivalent

  • Pass the QAT test and interview


To master the necessary skills, gain comprehensive expert knowledge in the field of data science across various industry fields.


You will graduate with Mumbai university's bachelor’s degree and fully competent and fitted for job roles in following fields:

  • Data Science
  • Programming
  • Database Management
  • IT
  • Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Etc...


  • This first semester will immerse the student directly into the application of Data Science by analysing Big Data and Database Management system. In order to keep the student active in its learning. We have also added a key elements in the Statistical Methods and Analytics since they are key basic skills for any Data Scientist.

  • To conclude the first year of master we will be introducing HADOOP, which is related to Big Data. We continue our technical development with Machine Learning Techniques, Python programming and modelling techniques. In the span of the first year, the students will have solid experts skill in Big Data, Programming, Machine Learning and Analytics.

  • This semester will develop the students in the latest technologies and programming language. Like all the other semester we have a balance between theoretical and practical approach. We are introducing Wbe and Social Intelligence in order to develop the context of the student knowledge.

  • This last semester is devoted to the student specialisation. We offer them three possible choice per elective. The first elective is in the field of business, the second in the field of informatics while the third one in the field of data harvesting.

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