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PG Diploma in Data Science & Business Analytics

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M.Sc. in Data Science programme is one of the top such programme in India. This course is a natural follow after the B.Sc. in Data Science where the students acquired basic skills and knowledge. The master will give them expert knowledge in Data Science and technology. This course will enable the student to start a career in high position in big MNC as well as unicorn start up and vital civil service.


  • First and only PG Diploma program in data science and business analytics, recognised by Mumbai University

  • 1 year part time practical learning program for graduates

  • Capstone and 15+ case studies

  • Complete your 16th year of education with the help of this formal diploma

  • Mentorship of top data talent

  • The program has been designed by eminent industry experts to bring education in sync with workplace realities.
  • This semester initiates the students to programming fundamentals as well as computer system architecture. It also awakens them the latest trends and technologies and how to keep up with them. These courses aim at easing the student in the curriculum by giving a mix of theoretical, technical course but also hands on experience.

  • The student continue to acquire hard knowledge in programming and IT structure. At the end of the first year they will have already acquire principles of coding, understanding of computers and IT infrastructures and have up to date knowledge in the field of IT.

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